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Help Indian Captain Sunil James and his family – sign a petition
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Posted on September 10, 2013, 1:45 am

An Indian captain of a tanker Ocean Centurion, Capt. Sunil James, was attacked by pirates off the African coast & the ship has been languishing for a month in the detention of naval authorities in Togo. While Capt. Sunil James had disembarked the ship to report about the pirate attack he's ended up being held captive by authorities in Togo.
The family of the Captain launched a petition “Bring Capt. Sunil James back home” to collect required number of signatures. 5,000 signatures are required for a petition to be registered with Indian Government.
Visit: http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/bring-capt-sunil-james-back-home
And sign the petition, to help the Captain and his family.

Tanker Ocean Centurion Story:

Tanker Ocean Centurion hijacked by Togo, Captain in prison
Indian Captain Sunil James and two members of his crew are kept in Togo prison since July 31, reported Indian media on Sep 4. "Since 31st July, my husband has been kept in police custody with no proper food and sleep. He is surviving on plain bread as the Togolese food given is inedible. The lockup in which he is put in is suitable for 20 inmates; however, 80 are kept in it. He has no food water sleep or any basic amenities and are in a cell with criminals,'' said James' wife Aditi. According to Indian shipping ministry officials, they received information that "some charges are being framed against the Indian seafarers as per the law of that country''.
Vessel seems to be under arrest, too. Tanker is staying at anchor on Lome road since July.
Piracy attack news:
Tanker Ocean Centurion was attacked by pirates on July 16 13 off the coast of Togo, some 45 nautical miles SE of Lome. Pirates robbed crew off cash and personal belongings. Three crew members were injured during the attack. Pirates ordered crew of the Ocean Centurion to sail south and then north towards the Togo/Benin border where they disembarked and escaped on a speedboat, 12nm from the coastline.
Product tanker Ocean Centurion, IMO 9180102, dwt 32040, built 1999, flag Marshall Islands, manager UNION MARITIME LTD, UK.

so,there we are.
incredible & shamefull.
perhaps " latrine " rules will be employed again.
my full signature and support.
Posted by : gojko samardzic  
Posted on : September 10, 2013, 9:02 am
at least 69 vessels were lost, with at least 600 casualties
at least 78 vessels were lost, with at least 981 casualties
Stop the "Fighting Piracy" Scam!
Legalize the arms and private security guards!
Read and sign
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